albums for august 2015

Posted on 2015-08-31
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albums for july 2015

Posted on 2015-07-31


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albums for june 2015

Posted on 2015-06-04

there’s a lot of releases coming up this month.

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albums for may 2015

Posted on 2015-05-31

added all but the first of these albums today.

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albums for april 2015

Posted on 2015-04-12
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albums for march 2015

Posted on 2015-03-31
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albums for february 2015

Posted on 2015-03-03
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albums for january 2015

Posted on 2015-02-12

here are albums i found in january. only two.

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favorite albums of the year 2014

Posted on 2015-01-01

the list i’ve assembled this year is a list of my 15 favorite albums (or other releases) of the year. i think it’s important to make it clear that this is not the same as “what do i think are the best albums of the year”. i would not be comfortable attempting to assemble and defend a list of the “best of the year”, for three key reasons -

on the other hand, the task of listing the albums i enjoyed the most in 2014 is only as hard as it is for me to remember what albums (or EPs, or whatever) I enjoyed the most this year.

anyway, now that i’ve thouroughly confused the subject, i just have a few notes on the organization of this list before i get to the meat.

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released wai-hmac-auth 1.0.0

Posted on 2014-12-24

i’ve released version 1.0.0 of wai-hmac-auth to hackage. it’s a small haskell library to perform authentication of hmac-signed requests in WAI apps; the README should explain how to use it.